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        QD580 five-axis CNC tool grinder
        1 IntroductionQD580 is a five-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder newly developed by Suzhou Suying Machinery It i



        1. Introduction
        QD580 is a five-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder newly developed by Suzhou Suying Machinery. It is a tool grinding center with excellent performance, suitable for the production or grinding of milling tools, drilling tools, and forming tools.
        2. Features of the machine tool
         The appearance of the machine is magnificent and flexible, the man-machine interface is friendly, the natural marble components are used, and the machine has good stability.
         The machine tool adopts high rigidity, high precision, high power (12KW) direct drive frequency conversion electric spindle grinding head. The flange of the grinding wheel can be equipped with 2 to 4 grinding wheels at the same time, which can complete the grinding process of the front, back and end faces of the tool in one clamping. demand.
         The workpiece spindle adopts dd direct drive, the bearing is NSK precision spindle bearing, and it is equipped with W25 precision collet matched with Schoplin precision chuck, and the workpiece is pneumatically clamped.
         The machine tool adopts the new generation 210MA-5E five-axis linkage control system and the Japanese Yaskawa servo unit, the British Renishaw LP2DD precision probe, the Shanghai silver precision rolling track and ball screw, the German Heidenhain encoder, and the better To ensure the dimensional accuracy of the processing tools, the machine tool rotation axis implements double DD direct drive full closed loop control to ensure the superior performance and working accuracy of the machine tool.
         The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed appearance (movable sliding door on the front, maintenance doors on the right and back), handheld electronic handwheels, special start-stop buttons and foot switches, automatic cooling system and coolant filter tank, automatic lubrication device and The mist suction interface, the alarm buzzer, and the electric box cooling air conditioner make the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the machine tool simple and convenient.
        Working accuracy
        The round runout of the ground workpiece is less than or equal to 0.005mm, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is less than or equal to Ra0.2.
        Three, machine parameters
        QD580 five-axis CNC tool grinder parameter
        CNC system New generation 210MA-5E
        Maximum workpiece diameter 200mm
        Maximum workpiece length to be ground 200mm
        Maximum processing workpiece groove depth 20mm
        Maximum workpiece weight 20Kg
        Maximum power of grinding head (direct drive electric spindle) 12KW 
        Wheel size (CBN/diamond) Φ50~Φ200mm
        Spindle speed of grinding head (frequency control) 0-8000RPM
        Vertical lift stroke of grinding head (Y axis) 350(-100~250)mm
        Workbench stroke-X axis 520mm
        Workbench stroke-Y axis 540mm
        Workbench stroke-Z axis 350mm
        Linear axis rapid movement speed 10m/min
        Workpiece spindle speed (A axis) 200RPM
        A-axis rotation range 360°
        A-axis spindle hole taper ISO50
        Pneumatic clamping workpiece range 2~25mm
        SCHUNK chuck clamping range 3~32mm
        Maximum rotating speed of grinding head (C axis) 75RPM
        C axis rotation range 320°(-225°~95°)
        Workpiece spindle center height 135mm
        Radial runout of workpiece spindle ≤0.005mm
        Radial runout of grinding head spindle ≤0.005mm
        Cylinder clamping force adjustment range 440-480KG
        Linear axis resolution 0.00lmm
        Rotation axis resolution 0.00l°
        Cooling pump power 3P
        Cooling box volume 200 L
        Machine power AC  380V  50HZ  Three phase
        Total machine power 20KW
        Machine size 2300×1600×2400mm
        Machine weight (approx.) 5T
        Four, machine tool configuration
        The standard configuration
             Machine tool host, new generation 210MA-5E numerical control system and servo unit, domestic probe, 12KW precision direct drive grinding head, workpiece pneumatic clamping device, mist suction interface, blue grinding wheel, automatic lubrication device, standard tool, automatic cooling device.
        18KW direct drive electric spindle, SCHUNK tool holder and chuck, filter system, special fixture, grinding wheel, automatic feeding device, Renishaw LP2DD probe, Marposs probe, etc.

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